Blogcraft Has Moved – 12/21/2006

Well, World of Blogcraft has officially moved to its new home. You can find it at the following link: .

The new blog host allows us to do more things and expand with newer ideas. Thank you WordPress, but it was time to move on.


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World of Blogcraft Is Moving – 12/20/2006

World of Blogcraft will be moving to another blog hosting service within the next few days. But don’t worry, all the posts will be transferred. This isn’t anything huge, but the main reason we are moving is so that I can embed movies and pictures into my posts easier. More info coming soon.

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WoW: After The Crusade – 12/20/2006

January 16th, 2007… Ah, I just can’t wait. It’ll be lagfest ’07 in Blasted Lands – that is assuming the game will be up and running. But what happens after that? I don’t mean January 17th, I mean in the months after that; after we have seen everything that the Burning Crusade brings to the table. Well, Blizzard has come out and stated that their goal is to release one expansion a year. (You can find the post here.) By an expansion, they obviously mean new lands, new instances, new abilities, and possibly new races/classes. But what could those be? Well, we know that the Northrend expansion will come sometime, whether it is the next expansion or not, it IS coming. A trip to Northrend would mean a fight against the Lich King. Now, the following is all my opinion and none of it was confirmed – ever.

I believe that the Northrend expansion will indeed be the second expansion. My guess is that it is released sometime around the summer of 2008. The reason I say that the Northrend expansion will be coming “early” is because I believe that Blizzard will be losing players around this time next year (because of various new MMO’s – Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, etc.), and they will need to come out with something BIG. A Pandaria or Great Sea expansion will not bring retired players back, but the chance to face the Lich King on the other hand, will. At what level will we fight the Lich King? Well, my guess would be at level 85. I would also guess that we won’t see anymore races, but we will see 2 more classes. Now, I am going to take a huge guess here, but I think the name will be “World of Warcraft: Expedition to Northrend”.

P.S. – In 2008, Druids will be the Warlocks of today. :p


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World of WiiCraft – 12/20/2006

Pooch, from WiiCast, has posted a new segment to his vlog (video blog). This newest segment shows how you can play WoW with your WiiMote. It was only a matter of time…


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Premades Must End – 12/15/2006

So, I’ve been grinding in Arathi Basin for the past two days. I have managed about 85 marks of honor and 8-8.5k honor with my mediocre gear and my guilds premade groups. Once, we even managed a 2000 to 0 win in 6 minutes. Here lies the problem. The problem is that if I wasn’t in a premade group for those two days, I would probably be with 40-50 marks and 4k honor – if that. I am lucky to be in a fairly manageable PvP guild, but my friend, who played in PUGs all day won his BG games only a few times. As much as I am happy to have a good premade available whenever I want, I am against premades. This new honor system was made for casuals to get good gear, but it is a flawed system if they still are not able to obtain gear because their PUGs constantly lose to premades. That is just my opinion. What are your thought? E-mail me at or leave a comment on this post!!


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I Own The Internet – 12/14/2006

It started out as a mere troll post mocking the other threads on “The Burning Crusade Cinematic Premiere”, but mine was the lucky one that blew up. Now, with over 570 posts, my thread is still going. Check it out!!

P.S. – Also, don’t forget to watch the new cinematic for the Burning Crusade!!

UPDATE: I believe the thread is now close to a record high. See, threads are usually closed automatically after 500 posts, but when Drysc (a WoW forum CM) saw the thread’s popularity, he decided to re-open it.


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The Twelve Days Of Warcraft – 12/10/2006

WOOT!! A post!!

Here is my Warcraft version of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”…

The Twelve Days Of Warcraft

On the twelfth day of Warcraft, Blizzard gave to me…

Twelve angry murlocs,
Eleven nagas swimming,
Ten priests renewing,
Nine ‘locks a-sharding,
Eight moonkin dancing,
Seven rogues ah gankin’,
Six night elves naked,
Five lazy peons…
Four calling nerfs,
Three ranging hunters,
Two exploding sheep,
and a pally in the retribution tree!

I just posted the last verse of the song so you could see all of it. It would be a bit annoying to post the song in its many parts.


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